Promoting Indian Culture and Celebrating 70 Years of India's Independence
02 August,2017

Celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Independence of the Great Peninsula, the International Indian Welfare Association (IIWA) organised a cultural show on Wednesday, August 2nd at the Dr. James Burty David Center in Sodnac, Quatre Bornes.

The Indian tricolor shone in the midst of a magnificent decoration in the room almost filled. The traditional Read More

16 July,2017

Women of IIWA has always been associated in activities for social reform. Participating in LUX* Mauritius Marathon along with Link To Life at Saint Félix on 16th July 2017 was one of them. Members participated in 4km Fun Run to create awareness on Breast Cancer

Monthly Beauty Sessions and Counselling for Cancer Patients or Survivors

IIWA provides free beauty session & Counselling to cancer survivors & patients on Monthly basis at LTL. Our Experts are Mrs. Mala Malik, Mrs. P. Shilpa Gujadhur & Beautician Mrs. Priti Lakhabay, assisted by Mrs. Sejal Desai.

Encourage Reading

IIWA encourages each and every individual, young as well as old, to adopt a productive hobby, which is reading. It has it's own Literary which is displayed in every meeting.

Indian Food Fair and Family Fun Day
26 MAR,2017

IIWA is a  non-political, non-religious NGO locally registered. Our philosophy is to consolidate, exchange, explain, and interact with the Mauritian society at large in sharing the different aspect of Indian values and culture. Other than contribution from our members, fund raising activities are organized to support charitable projects under our banner.

Fight against Cancer
16 June,2017

IIWA conducted an awareness program along with Free Breast Screening on the inmates and staffs of Pandit Gayasingh Ashram in collaboration with Cancer Support Cell LTL of Mauritius on 16th June 2017.
Checkup done on 60 ladies
No abnormality found: 29
Advised Mamography to : 28
Refer to Surgeon (hospital/private) for abnormal cases: 2
Follow up @ LTL due to abnormal cases noted: 1.

Sewa to Pilgrims of Shivratri
22 February ,2017

Members of IIWA provided the pilgrims of Maha Shivratri with shelter, snacks, fruits, soft drinks along with some First Aid Support. Stationed at Quatre Bornes and La Louise on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd February 2017. Members of the Association supported with everything to make the stop-over points pleasant and successful for the pilgrims.