About Us

International Indian Welfare Association (IIWA) is a non-political, non-religious NGO locally registered. It is also know as Indian Women’s Association. Our philosophy is to consolidate, exchange, explain, and interact with the Mauritian society at large in sharing the different aspect of Indian values and culture. Other than contribution from our members, fund raising activities are organized to support charitable projects under our banner. The dedication and outstanding unity of our members’ participation for any social work has always been highly appreciated.
• To raise awareness of the critical situation inside Mauritius.
• To preserve and promote Indian & Mauritian culture, language, tradition, and the arts through community education, literacy and publications.
• To address the drastic human & animal rights abuses committed against women, children, elders animals in Mauritius – including drug abuse, rape, physical violence etc.
• To ensure women & children have access to adequate educational information, like health care, child care, family planning, animal abuse, to create awareness of the influence of drug or Alcohol consumption, Protection and preservation of environment.
• To assist the needy through sponsorship programs that help to support economically disadvantaged families, single parents, children, the handicapped, the sick, the elderly along with protection of environment and animal rights.
• To join hands with the women of the world to promote peace and justice for all.